GTA 4 Highly Compressed Download For PC (100% Working)

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GTA 4 Highly Compressed

GTA 4 Highly Compressed is the eleventh game in the Grand Theft Auto series and the first in the series HD Universe.

GTA 4 Highly Compressed
GTA 4 Highly Compressed

Rockstar North created the game, which was published and released by Rockstar Games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

On April 29, 2008, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were released worldwide to much fanfare.

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GTA IV went on to win the Gaming World Record for the Most Successful Entertainment Launch of All Time, as well as numerous other awards and accolades.

On December 3, 2008, the PC version was released. On February 9, 2017, GTA IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City were released for Xbox One via backward compatibility.

GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed

GTA 4 Highly Compressed is an actionadventure game played in the third person. To progress through the story, players must complete missions, which are linear scenarios with specific objectives.

GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed
GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed

Because some missions require players to wait for further instructions or events, it is possible to have multiple active missions running at the same time.

Players can freely roam the game’s open world outside of missions and complete optional side missions.

The world, which is made up of the fictional city of Liberty City, is larger in size than most previous Grand Theft Auto series entries.

At the start of the game, players can only explore the first island, which is made up of Dukes and Brokers, with all other islands becoming available as the story progresses.

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To fight enemies, players use melee attacks, firearms, and explosives, and they can run, jump, swim, or use vehicles to navigate the game’s world. When using vehicles, you can choose a first-person perspective.

Auto-aim and a cover system can be used to aid in combat against enemies. If a player is injured, their health meter can be fully restored by consuming food or drinks, using medical kits, or summoning paramedics.

If players commit crimes, law enforcement agencies from the game may respond, as indicated by a “wanted” meter in the head-up display (HUD).

The displayed stars on the meter represent the current desired level (for example, at the maximum six-star level, efforts by law enforcement to incapacitate players become very aggressive).

Officers will look for players who leave the area where they are wanted. When players are hidden from the officers’ line of sight, the wanted meter goes into a cool-down mode and eventually disappears.

The cover system in the game allows players to move between covers, fire blindly, aim freely, and target specific enemies. Individual body parts can be targeted as well.

Dodging, blocking, disarming an opponent, and counter-attacking are all examples of melee attacks. Body armor can be used to absorb gunshots and explosive damage, but it depletes over time.

When a player’s health is completely depleted, the game ends and they respawn at the nearest hospital.

In the single-player mode, players take control of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European war veteran. Throughout the story, Niko meets and befriends a variety of new characters.

They can then do Niko favors whenever he requests them; for example, his cousin Roman, who owns a taxi service, can send one of his cabs to take Niko to any location in the city.

During gameplay, taxis are always available for quick travel to a destination. Throughout the game, players are also presented with moral choices, which alter the storyline accordingly depending on the player’s choice.

Players may engage in context-specific activities such as bowling or darts while free-roaming the game world.

A vigilante mini-game and in-game television programming are also available. Niko has a cell phone that he uses to contact friends and initiate activities.

The cell phone is also used to enter cheat codes and access the game’s online multiplayer mode.

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Niko can use Internet cafés located throughout the city to access the in-game Internet, which allows him to send and receive emails and set up prospective dates with potential girlfriends.

The game also includes a subway system that allows players to quickly navigate the game’s world.

GTA 4 Minimum System Requirments

CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2
RAM:1 GB for Windows XP / 1.5 GB for Windows Vista)
OS:Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11

How to Download and Install GTA 4 Highly Compressed

  • First, Download GTA 4 Highly Compressed All Parts and Extract Using Win RAR.
  • After Extract Click on Setup and Install it.
  • Play and Enjoy.

If the game is not launching download two .dll files and place them in your GTA IV install directory, where the GTAIV.exe is found. In case the links don’t work, they’re called wmvcore.dll and wmasf.dll.


What is The Size Of GTA 4 Highly Compressed?

GTA 4 Highly Compressed Size is 20 GB.

Can 4GB RAM run GTA 4?

Yes, You can play GTA 4 with 4 GB RAM.

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